Our history

Our company was born on 2014 from the twenty years working experience of our artisans who were already leaders in the decorative plasters, resins and printed floors area. With our moldable plaster we create every kind of existing stone, see our photo gallery of the works we actually made.

The Decorativi d’Autore (Genuine decorative) company organizes training courses for the creation of: printed plasters, MicroArt, decorative resins, decorative coatings and much more, edited by Mr. Martinelli Emilio.

Our company, besides performing works on the whole national territory, also sells its own exclusive products for the production of all the workings described above. The Decorativi d’Autore s.a.s. , thanks to the high quality of the works performed and to the high professionalism of its partners and collaborators, has succeeded in making itself known at a local level and in creating high value restructuring works also outside the regional territory.

Come visit us and directly evaluate our materials and our works.